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With this great antenna you can keep up to date in the event your power goes out.
You can get enough power from your car to keep the TV, frig and some lights going,
with the addition of a power inverter (1500 watts) hooked to your car battery.


New and improved indoor HDTV antenna
Made in the U.S.A.
All parts included for easy installation:        
antenna, 75-300 Ohm adapter, and coax cable.
The best antenna on the market
 reported #1 by MHDC

Includes everything you need for easy hookup.
To purchase this antenna click on the BUY NOW buton below.
Rated #1 by MHDC.

Only: $29.95
Includes $4.95 shipping

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This high powered alternative to the redundancy and on-going expense of cable TV, will allow you to receive dozens of over-the-air HDTV stations in up to 1080p HD picture and Stereo HiFi sound quality. This TV antenna unobtrusively resides in your home, while receiving 1080p HD content. Finally an indoor antenna that actually works without expensive amplifiers unlike the OmniPro!

Improve the performance of that expensive LED TV. Your TV is underperforming because of a weak signal coming in from your cable/satellite connection. Your picture quality should knock your socks off. Just compare to an HDTV antenna and you will never go back.

Watch TV for free with the easy to install HDTV antenna, and stop paying for cable. A high quality HDTV antenna is an inexpensive and easy alternative to cable. Cut the cord with my best rated (by MHDC) HD antenna. Pull in more OTA HD (up to 35 channels up to 60+mi away) for free with a powerful TV antenna. Get more digital HDTV channels and Stereo sound with this powerful TV antenna.

This antenna would be a great gift for your children going off to college or just traveling. It would provide great entertainment in their dorm or hotel rooms.

Our new and greatly improved and redesigned HDTV antenna is now available. Smaller than a piece of copy paper and does not need to be amplified as many on the market do, because it is made with a superior design and construction. We out perform all the antennas on the market in this price range. No signal booster required. All hand constructed to exact specifications.

Color of antenna is white on both sides.

                                              9" X 11"   

Customer rated #1 HDTV antenna.

Use this antenna for your local FREE broadcast channels and a streaming device (ROKU) or smart TV, then you can subscribe to a service, which includes the channels listed below and greatly reduce your monthly TV entertainment costs in your home. Other packages available for additional $5.00mo. and HBO for $15.00mo.

Here is what you get for $20 a month:.
You have to subscribe to the above on a separate service (I will explain)
This is the best in (live) TV streaming.
It comes with a 7 day free trial.
Now 25 channels with Slingtv

There is no better time to cut the cord and stop paying for cable/satellite channels you have absolutely no use for. I have done this in my home, and have reduced my monthly cost from $160.00 to less than $35.00 (1/4 of the cost). It was a worthwhile step, and we have not looked back, and enjoy our more affordable home entertainment, much more than ever.

Start thinking outside the box. There are plenty of options for you.

What could you do with up to $125.00 extra a month?
Save up to $1,500.00 per year!

Customer Comments

Click the above link and see what some of our customers are saying. Everyone is very well pleased with the results they are getting.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you don't get reception, I will return your purchase price,
and you can keep the antenna
It has never happened before.

Here is how you can get yours:

Only $29.95
If you purchase 2 or more antennas
I will refund $15.00 to your PayPal account
for each additional after the first
antenna purchase

no international shipping


After you have made your purchase, you will receive information
how you can sign up for your new TV viewing package.


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