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About Us

This site was developed to offer banners to the residential and business community. We can no longer produce banners in house (at our location). As an alternative, we offer a referral to a company, who does make custom banners directly on their site with pricing (full color 3'x8' starting at $28.79) comparable to our previous pricing.

 Just click on "Custom banners" in the links to go directly to their site. Thank you for your patronage over the years.

We are now offering an HDTV antenna which is the best available on the market today at the lowest price. It really works.

We have been in business since 1994. Our goal has and will always be to offer the best service or product for the lowest price. We pride ourselves with services that will give you low cost savings and solutions not available anywhere else.

Our customers have come back to us when the need arises for our special services.
Our specialty is providing you with services not available at our low prices anywhere else and with no hassle satisfaction.

Our motto is to provide the best service at the most reasonable price and get it to you quickly.

You can be sure that you will be totally satisfied with our products if used per their design capabilities.

Contact Info:
Alan Turner

614 352 1579

 Our word is our bond!
Satisfaction Guaranteed