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This blog contains information about: opioids, Statin drugs, Myasthenia Gravis, Cholesterol, ALS, Monsanto and other drug companies . I will attempt to provide you with some critical, current and old information about these conditions and possible reasons for their existence.

Beware of FDA information regarding treatment of the above conditions or diseases and many others. They may be working against us, particularly for the elderly, clearly for profitability of the Drug Industry.

Other information concerning you and your family's health and welfare are included in this blog. (foods not to eat)

Links to follow: Come to your own conclusions!


Politicians will lie especially the Dems to (win) get their way!

Politics has changed

Lies  The President is not truthful about elections

Capitalism vs Socialism   Which would you choose?


GMOs "The life threatening mechanism

How to Treat Sunburn Naturally

Talcum "Serious" The dangers of Talcum Powder.

Alarming! This is causing you great harm in ways you don't know!

For better health  A better diet plan

Click Read this and make up your own mind.

Opioids  If you know anyone using these pain killers, please read and pass along.

Search for the truth

Vinegar  Multiple benefits, around your home and body

35 Die   from infections after Colonoscopy

Read this  before you go to the grocery. Monsanto doesn't want you to know this!

Important read for your health   (Well worth your time)

Chronic pain  Read article to the end for complete understanding.

The Good Bacteria  Read for the health of your children

Healthy Choices

Cancer and the Sun

Lipitor: The common drug that destroys memory

The connection between Myasthenia Gravis and Statin drugs

New LDL Inhibitors in the liver have the potential to do as much or more harm than statins. Important read for those who are being treated for high cholesterol.

Cholesterol-neuromuscular disease

Modern Parable

The plain truth about HDTV antennas

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