Antenna Installation
This antenna will only work on a digital TV.
If your TV is an old analog, you will need a converter box.

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To install antenna:    1. Disconnect the coax cable coming into your home, at the wall socket, from the cable/satellite company, connect enclosed coax to the antenna and the other end to the antenna connection on the back of the TV (not the cable/satellite box). This will direct the signal from your new HDTV antenna to the TV in place of the signal from your provider.
                                2. CRITICAL INFO: Turn on your TV and use the remote control to select Menu. The menu will give you several choices. Be sure to select Antenna input then select channel search. Let the TV complete the search and when it completes you will have the local stations programmed into your set.  Turn off the menu. 
                                3. Hang the antenna on a wall or window and you can watch the local channels (up to 30 channels) for free, and you will have no future charges. Depending where the station towers are located, you should receive stations up to 60 miles away, provided there are no large obstructions between you and the station. If your home is sided with aluminum siding, it will hamper the signal somewhat and you may have to move the antenna around at different angles. This antenna will receive on the front and back sides with an angle from the station up to 120 degrees on each side.
My antenna is mounted on the wall on an interior wall and the siding on my home is aluminum. With that said, I get 26-28 channels very clearly.
4. If you would like to watch movies which are not included with your local stations, you can purchase a ROKU or other streaming device to bring them into your home via the internet. The annual cost of the ROKU is about $40.00 and the Netflix service is about $10.00 per month.

Package includes:
75-300 Ohm adapter
6ft coax cable

Contact: Alan Turner
614 352 1579