1.  Pastor Tim Stout from The Heritage Free Will Baptist Church said: "The antenna worked! Thanks. You have a great product and I would like to get two more of them. Thanks again! We get more stations than we need."

2.  Shirley said: "That is amazing! Never thought it would work so well. We don't even miss cable. We get 26 channels".

3.  Debbie Fornof: "This is the antenna we got".

4.  Melissa: "That is incredible". (Time Warner Cable salesperson)

5.  Brian: "It works really great! So many channels in Urbana."

6.  Teresa: "Wow, it is great!"

7.  Don: "It works fantastic in my camper. We get 15 channels way down in the hills of eastern Ohio."

8.  Tu: " That is really fantastic. I won't need cable any more. I am getting 24 channels."

9.  Ralph: "I pick up 25 more channels. from Dayton. and Oxford. Thanks!"

10. Richard: "Unbelievable! I am getting much more than on another brand I purchased a couple of years ago."

11. Tom: "wow! I put it in the front window of my motor home and got all the channels I want."

12.  Allen: "I was skeptical when I purchased the antenna, but I tried it as soon al I got it. Wow, unbelievable, got 26 channels. Great decision. I'm canceling cable today!"

13.  Don: "I travel in my motor home and just place the antenna in the front window when I have parked, and get all the programming I need.

14.  Gene: "I live between Bellefontaine and W. Liberty, Ohio, and get great reception."

15.  Bob: "I get all the channels I need in downtown Xenia, Ohio in an old kresge building.


You too can achieve the same success as others have with this antenna.


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