About My Indoor HDTV Antenna


About 9 years ago I saw a demo on HDTV antennas and was in disbelief.  The idea, while it did demonstrate well, didn't seem on the up and up. So, I put it on the back burner, so to speak. It wasn't until the last few years that I became interested and purchased one for myself. I could not get it to work well, so I chalked it up to a poor design.

In the past two years I started to research different designs and built my first homemade antenna. To my astonishment, it worked, but not to my satisfaction, as I only received about 14 channels. I thought, there must be a better construction, so I kept looking. Over time other designs were found and I tried them all, 5 all together. The #5 or as I refer to it as my 5th generation antenna, worked extremely well. This antenna was completely hand made and did very well. After a year of making and using this style antenna, I thought maybe it needed a little tweaking and I decided to get a die cutting machine to get more continuity from one antenna to another. Also, I started hot laminating each one to hold it in place better and make a better presentation.

I use the best materials available to me in the construction process and produce a very well designed antenna pattern and durable construction, which should never need to be replaced. I now receive 26-28 over-the-air broadcast channels in my home, which has aluminum siding. The siding should be a negative factor, but doesn't seem to have much effect on performance. I made an identical pattern in heavy gauge copper wire, for outdoor use and mounted it on the peak of my roof, and it required amplifiers ($35.00ea) on each TV, so I now supply TV signal with my indoor antennas attached to each TV in my home. No amplifier required.

Everyone I have sold this antenna has given me excellent feedback, and are all impressed how well the antenna performs in their homes, camp sites and motor homes. It works well just about anywhere they are used. I have a few of my customers listed in the link below, so you can see what kind of remarks people are making.

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Customer remarks