There are many companies in the marketplace who try to convince us we are not getting the proper nutrition and are lacking in vitamins and minerals. The fact is, we are all getting proper nutrition if we only eat one balanced meal a day. These companies are selling us hype and leading us to believe we need them, and we simply donít. It is money in their pockets and out of ours. Their business is in the billions of dollars a year and growing. There are things we can do to improve our nutrition and that is to grow our own vegetables and or buy organic ones. The key to good eating is to eat food that has not been highly processed and or had chemicals infused to keep infestation of insects which reduce the total crop production. This includes plants which have been genetically modified to do the same. Unfortunately we are subject to the mass production of our food sources because we cannot all produce our own, and it is difficult to store fresh food for long periods of time. In order to stem the growth of bacterial agents in our food, chemicals are added to (preserve) give the processed food greater shelf life. Think of it this way: if it kills the bacteria, what do you think the long term effect is on us.

There are a couple of nutrients, which fall short of adequate quantities. (1)One of these is Vitamin D-3. Each time we are exposed to the sun our bodies absorb Vitamin D and then it is converted into the useable form, which is Vitamin D-3. When we use the ingestible form Vitamin D, it looses much of quality in the process of conversion. Recently it has been recognized we fall short of our daily need of this nutrient. There are other factors in the absorption of Vitamin D, and that is we are encouraged to use sun blockers to protect us from the harmful effects of the sunís rays, which may cause cancer in many of us. The Government recommendations for the amount of Vitamin D we need falls short of the real amount that is beneficial to us. If we spend 20 minutes in the sun up to 18,000 IUís are produced in our bodies. This means you can take several thousand IUís a day without the fear of overdosing.

Taking Vitamin D-3 in the useable form, which does not have to be converted in the liver, is much more beneficial and promotes the build up of your immune system, which enables your body to fight off the continual bombardment of particles from the atmosphere and the accidental ingestion of harmful bacteria and viruses.

(2)The other supplement you can take to help build your immune system is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital in your body as was quickly recognized when we started making long voyages at sea for months on end. Without Vitamin C the sailors became very sick from scurvy and many died from the lack of Vitamin C. The other disease from the lack of Vitamin D was Rickets, which is mainly caused by this shortage in infants and toddlers and caused bone malformations such as bowed legs.

It would greatly benefit you to take Vitamin D and C if you are not getting adequate quantities in your diet. Vitamin C is usually not a problem today because we use snake oil (known in the western development of the U.S. in early days), which is commonly known today as catsup and commonly enhance the flavor of our food with. Or, it is in fruit juices and many other fruit products. Vitamin D on the other hand, is greatly lacking in our diet as described earlier in this report.

(1) Vitamin D-3

(2) Vitamin C