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I will make it as simple for you as I can. I just hate those internet adds that ramble on forever and never tell you what the price is until you commit to the purchase. Those hyped up adds are designed to keep your attention with their song and dance, only to lure you in for the kill. (remembering). Their products never live up to the hype. You know it and I know it. Don't be fooled!

Don't believe adds that tell you their tiny little cheap antenna will bring in 100's of stations. It just is not true. The best you will do is to bring in up to 10-15 local channels from 15-20 miles away with those antennas, if you are lucky. Those TV adds are all hype and no truth! They know you won't send it back, even though they have a return policy. The truth is it's not economically feasible to do so because you will have paid double shipping, which is at least as much as the cost of the antenna. (look at my policy below)

The plain truth about my HDTV antenna (rated #1 by MCDB) is; it works better than many higher priced antennas (ex: OmniPro $80.00). It is well designed and constructed and laminated for max performance and stability under all conditions. It is designed to be used indoors, but can be used outdoors in good weather. The antenna can be mounted on a wall or window. Just great for portability to go wherever you go. Just try not to have large metal objects in close proximity (right around the antenna), as it may interfere with the performance. I have sold many to date, and not one customer has been unsatisfied. You may purchase the antenna by going to the link below and get one of your own. The link will take you to my site. You may scroll down to the bottom of the page or you may read the info on that page. Your choice.

The price for my HDTV antenna is: $29.95 which includes shipping & handling.

Included: Antenna, 75-300 Ohm adapter, 3' coax cable, instructions.
Easy hookup to any digital TV antenna or converter box.



OTA channels are always FREE

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you don't get reception, I will return your purchase price,
and you can keep the antenna
It has never happened before.

Only $29.95
Shipping included

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