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If you are unfortunate and experience a power failure, for whatever reason. It is very stressful without lights and some way of knowing what is going on outside. It could be weather related, auto accident or most other losses of electric power.

There is a way you can have power for TV, Frig, powering your cell phone charger, lights and more for under $110.00. By-the-way, if power is out chances are the cable/satellite will also be dead. By connecting a 12V power inverter to the battery in your car, you can have 110V power for a few hours as long as you have fuel. There are more powerful resources to restore power to your whole house, but for the time being I am only concerned with lights and some way to be informed about the conditions outside of your home to hear news, weather reports and weather maps for a very reasonable price. To restore the electric to your whole home would cost several thousand dollars. Under some severe conditions that might be feasible, but for now we will stick to the easy and inexpensive. I can think of many other options, but I am only concerned with getting you over the hump, to keep those essential services going, for a few hours up to a couple of days.

This is available to you for the regular price of: $139.90, but if you order on this site your price is only: $109.95 for the complete system.

What's in the box:
HDTV antenna, adapter, coax cable,
1500w 12v power inverter and complete instructions.
Power extension cord not supplied
Shipping included (U.S. only)

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